This mash up Christopher Pyne video is a small bit of comic relief amid Canberra's chaos

Stefan Postles/ Getty ImagesMinister for Foreign Affairs Julie Bishop (R) and Minister for Defence Christopher Pyne (L).

The Minister for Defence Industry Christopher Pyne, like many politicians has been ridiculed by certain memes over the course of his career. That said, the chirpy South Australian doesn’t mind joining the joke.

The most memorable being back in 2015 when he called himself “a fixer”.

This week, Canberra was thrown into chaos when former Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton challenged Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull for the leadership of the Liberal Party.

Today, Dutton has told the PM he plans to challenge him again.

Turnbull, however, says he won’t call a meeting until a formal petition gains 43 signatures.

In the meantime, the ABC’s The Weekly program has created a hilarious clip of Christopher Pyne.

It’s sure to put a smile on your face in what is one of the most tumultuous political moments in recent history in Australia.

Here it is:

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