Meet The Lucky Wall Streeter Who's Dating A Swedish Princess

princess madeleinePrincess Madeleine.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

His name is Christopher O’Neill and he’s dating Princess Madeleine of Sweden.O’Neill, who is a financial adviser, has been spotted with the beautiful blonde royal outside his East Village digs and at the Central Park boathouse (watch the video of the couple here), according to the New York Post, and someone who knows the couple said they are “in a love affair.”

Swedish tabloid Expressen Magazine (via Zimbio) says O’Neill earned a degree in finance from Columbia and has worked at the same finance firm since 2005 – we’ve yet to find the name of the company.

Expressen also reports that he attended “the prestigious private school in Switzerland, The Institut auf dem Rosenberg.”  

And apparently he’s a really nice guy. Expressen found a former colleague of O’Neill called Lisa Shaplen, who said, “He’s a great guy. Smart, successful. I have only good things to say about him. [The] princess can be happy that she met Chris. He is the best.”

chris oneillChristopher O’Neill.

Photo: Zimbio

Now we can’t find the name of O’Neill’s employer anywhere, but we know that Shaplen (who now works for Steinberg Asset Management and is also a Columbia finance grad) has previously worked for Goldman Sachs and Schroders, so perhaps he worked at either of those firms.A check of the FINRA database, found a few Chris O’Neills, who work/ed for Charles Schwab, Wells Fargo, Rafferty Capital and Amherst Securities.

His nice-guy persona was corroborated by a doorman at a Park Avenue building where he used to live. “He is a very nice guy. He is always well dressed and behave politely. He is a gentleman,” the doorman said of O’Neill, who’s 36.

28-year-old Princess Madeleine was engaged to lawyer Jonas Bergstrom, whom she had dated for eight years, but called off the wedding after it was reported he’d cheated on her with a 21-year-old Norwegian handball player.

She fled Sweden and has been shacked up on the Upper East side since.

eva oneillEva O’Neill.

Photo: NYSD

Wall Streeter O’Neill also has a royal connection – his socialite mum, Eva O’Neill, once allegedly dated Prince Charles.

Other things we know about O’Neill:

  • He’s a millionaire
  • He’s a financial adviser who provides services to super-wealthy clients
  • His family clearly hangs out with European royals on a regular basis, and he himself is a regular on the New York social pages
  • He’s a VP at whatever financial institution he works for
  • According to a doorman at a Park Avenue building in which he used to live, he had a long relationship with a supermodel

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