The trailer for Christopher Nolan's war movie 'Dunkirk' is here, and it's stunning

We know a lot more about director Christopher Nolan’s next movie that’s shrouded in mystery, “Dunkirk,” thanks to the first full trailer that came out Wednesday.

Set during World War II, the movie follows Allied soliders who are surrounded by the German army on a beach and must evacuate in a harrowing battle.

Cillian Murphy seems to have a prominent role in the movie, while other big names like Tom Hardy and Mark Rylance show up in the trailer.

More than anything, it’s clear Nolan (the “Dark Knight” movies, “Interstellar”) wants to command sound and picture to make you feel like¬†you’re hunkered in the terrifying action with the Allied members (especially since “Dunkirk” will be shown in IMAX and 70mm projection).

The stunning images of war here rival what Steven Spielberg accomplished with “Saving Private Ryan.”

Watch the “Dunkirk” trailer below:

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