Fugitive Ex-Cop's ID Reportedly Found Inside Torched Mountain Cabin

lapd manhunt suspect

Photo: Irvine Police Department via CBS Los Angeles

Police might have one more clue that the LAPD’s most hunted man died after a mountain cabin he was cornered in caught fire Tuesday night. Christopher Dorner, who was being hunted by the Los Angeles Police Department for allegedly killing a cop and two civilians, was cornered last night in a mountain cabin.

Cops reportedly opened fire on the cabin before it caught fire, trapping Dorner inside. 

There was some debate about whether Dorner actually died in the fire, but the San Bernardino Sheriff’s office confirmed Wednesday morning they believe it was in fact his charred body that was found in the structure. 

And now, an Associated Press source is confirming Dorner’s California driver’s licence was also found inside the burned cabin, CBS Los Angeles reported Wednesday morning. 

While the Los Angeles Police Department won’t positively confirm Dorner has died, San Bernardino authorities have said they believe he is dead. 

And the discovery of his driver’s licence seems to be more evidence the dramatic manhunt is finally over. 

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