Now There's A Facebook Appreciation Page For The Ex-LAPD Officer Who's Wanted For Murder

Facebook users have created a social media page celebrating the former LAPD officer who’s possibly the most wanted man in California, or even the country.

Police are hunting for ex-cop Christopher Dorner near Big Bear, Calif., after he allegedly killed two civilians and shot at three police officers, killing one.

Shocking details about the man’s alleged anger at the department have come to light as the media digs into Dorner’s background while police continue their search.

However, at least some feel Dorner has been unfairly villainized and is justified in his actions. 

The “Christopher Dorner appreciation society” claims “this man’s life was ruined for fighting back against a racist culture. We here at C.D.A.S. will always remember his story.”

The page’s administrators claim Dorner is “being punished for caring about justice” and is simply fighting back against a corrupt culture. 

Take a look at the page: 

christopher dorner appreciation facebook page

Photo: Christopher Dorner Appreciation Society/Facebook

Dorner isn’t the first notorious figure to gain a dedicated Facebook following.

After last summer’s movie theatre massacre in Colorado, supporters of accused gunman James Holmes created a popular Facebook page supporting him. 

Facebook ultimately shut down the page after it garnered 800 “likes.”

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