KeyBank Is Still Making This Family Pay Their Dead Son's Student Loans

christopher bryski and mumChristopher Bryski pictured with his mother, Diane in 2004.


The family of a dead college student Christopher Bryski are asking KeyBank to forgive about $30,000 of student loan debt he’d incurred in college. In their latest bid to absolve the loans, the family launched a petition on which is now up to 75,000 signatures.

Bryski died in July 2006 after falling 45 feet in an accident two years earlier. With the exception of KeyBank, every creditor, even credit card companies, forgave the 25-year-old’s debt.

Since then, they’ve been fighting the bank to forgive the loans, some of which are for classes Bryski never had a chance to attend. His father had cosigned the loans.

This isn’t the first time the Bryski family has gone public with their woes against the bank. In August 2010, the Wall Street Journal did a feature on their struggles to pay the debt.

The Christopher Bryski Student Loan Protection Act has been introduced to Congress and would keep families of deceased students from having to pay their debt.

The recent petition was started by Ryan Bryski, Christopher’s older brother.

“KeyBank has a choice to make,” Ryan said in a news release. “They can finally do the humane thing and discharge my brother’s debt or they can risk ignoring the demands of tens of thousands of customers and potential customers across the country.”

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