Christmas video game Sales: Through The Roof

GameStop, the world’s biggest video game retailer, says that software sales shot up 45% during last year’s holiday season. The five best-selling titles were from Activision’s (ATVI) Guitar Hero II and Call of Duty: 4, Ubisoft (UBN.DE)’s Assassin’s Creed, Electronic Arts’ (ERTS) Rock Band and Nintendo’s ASSASSIN’S CREED by Ubisoft, Electronic Art’s ROCK BAND and Nintendo’s (NTDOY.PK) Super Mario Galaxy.

Heartening numbers for video game publishers, but also expected, as there is now a solid base of next-gen consoles out there (Microsoft, for instance, says it has sold nearly 18 million Xbox 360s). And that’s why GME, which went ahead and increased its guidance, is actually trading down today: Investors have been expecting big things out of the video game business, and those expectations have been priced into shares long ago.