These strings of Christmas lights spell out hidden words — can you solve all 3 brainteasers?

Courtesy of Solar CentreWhere’s the hidden word?
  • The Solar Centre created a Christmas-themed brainteaser.
  • There’s a hidden word in each of the three images of tangled Christmas lights.

Untangling Christmas lights can prove challenging when it comes time to decorate for the holidays.

Eco-friendly lighting company The Solar Centre presents a different kind of challenge – three brainteasers that contain hidden words spelled out by strings of lights.

Can you solve all of them?

Here’s the first brain teaser.

Christmas brain teaser 1Courtesy of Solar CentreWhere’s the hidden word?

Can you spot the hidden word?

It’s in there somewhere.

Keep scrolling if you want to see the answer.

Or take one more look.

Did you find it?

If not, here it is.

Christmas brain teaser 1 answerCourtesy of Solar CentreIt says ‘Mistletoe.’

The lights spell out “Mistletoe.”

Here’s another brainteaser that contains two words. Can you find them?

Christmas brain teaser 2Courtesy of Solar CentreCan you tell what it says?

Do you see them?

Can you tell what the words say?

Hint: it’s a place.

The answer is below.

Last chance to scroll back up.

Here’s what the words say.

Christmas 2 brain teaser answerCourtesy of Solar CentreIt says ‘North pole.’

The Christmas lights spell out “North pole.”

Alright, last one! The lights are in the shape of a reindeer, but can you tell what the lights are spelling out?

Christmas brain teaser 3Courtesy of Solar CentreWhere’s the hidden word?

Can you spot the word?

It’s just one word this time.

If you’re stuck, try again.

Or scroll down to reveal the answer.

Here’s what it says.

Christmas brain teaser 3 answerCourtesy of Solar CentreIt says ‘Yuletide.’

The string of lights spells out “Yuletide.”


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