21 gifts preppers and survivalists actually want this holiday season

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Yeti tundra, $US250 and up
It’s been proven that YETI’s coolers can stand up to bears, and while we’re pretty sure they can probably handle zombies, too, the company isn’t able to comment. Facebook/YETI

The sun also rises, so it’s been said. But here’s a list of gadgets, gear, and provisions just in case, somehow, someday it doesn’t.

Here’s for those people in your life who are always, perhaps obsessively, prepared for everything, even the apocalypse. We all rely on these people in one way or another in our day-to-day lives, but we may need to turn to them in a very big way, and we want them to be ready. After all, we still need to cook, eat, drink (water), sleep, and bathe, even in the presence of zombies, or afloat in a Waterworld of sorts, and there’s no reason we can’t do all those things well.

Here are a few ideas to help equip our loved ones who are willing to lead the charge for us.

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A solar-powered home lighting and radio kit


BioLite SolarHome 620, available at BioLite, $US149.95

Candles are going to be hard to come by, and heavy to carry. This all-in-one solar-powered kit, on the other hand, will light up your whole compound and give you a radio to listen to, if there are any signals left.

A water filter and purifier


Sawyer S3 Water Filter and Purifier, available at Amazon, $US65.96

We’re not sure how well this will filter out toxic waste sludge, but Sawyer’s filter and purifier will take care of just about anything short of it.

A YETI Tundra cooler


YETI Tundra Cooler, available at YETI, $US250 and up

It’s been proven that YETI’s coolers can stand up to bears, and while we’re pretty sure they can probably handle zombies, too, the company isn’t able to comment.

Ball canning jars


Ball Jars, various sizes, and packages, available at Walmart

If there’s one thing hipsters have right (for the apocalypse, at least), it’s copious collections of Ball Jars, and, for good or ill, they may well outlive us all should things take a serious turn for the worse. Pro tip: buy brown glass, which preserves contents better and longer.

LED headlamps


BioLite 330 Lumen Rechargeable LED Headlamp, available at BioLite, $US49.95

It may be difficult to cop a charge for these things, but you’ll probably want at least 12 of these bad boys. Writing as someone who likes to get lost in the dark, BioLite is far and away the best around these days, for comfort and battery life.

Heirloom vegetable seeds


50-Pack Assortment of Heirloom Vegetable Seeds, available at Amazon, $US19.99

If you’re going to have a garden in the post-apocalyptic world, it may as well be a good one (if radioactive).

Nearly indestructible forged iron pans


Turk One-Piece Forged Iron Frying Pan, available at AHAlife, $US129

Provided, of course, there’s anything left to cook.

A gallon of very concentrated soap


Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castille Soap (1 Gallon), available at Amazon, $US59.99

Because even though the world may be ending, you still need to smell ok.

A wide assortment of freeze-dried vegetables


Harmony House Foods Dried Vegetable Backpacking Kit (18-count), available at Amazon, $US39.97

Because we won’t all live off raw meat when the stuff hits the fan. You may want more than a few of these, depending on how many mouths you plan on feeding, at least until those heirloom seeds start producing.

A zombie apocalypse “tool” kit


Gerber Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit, available at Amazon, $US276.70

Die, zombie scum.

A tent to keep them dry while they erect the zombie-proof palace of their dreams


18′ x 18′ Guide Gear Tent, available at Amazon, $US139.99

Depending on what it’s like out there, you may want to work on shoring up the homestead a little more, but this will keep you all dry until they can figure out how to zombie-proof the joint.

A well-equipped first aid kit


Lightning X First Responder EMT/EMS First Aid Supplies, available at Amazon, $US124.99

Not that this kit will reverse the effects of any zombie bites, but it will take care of most incidental injuries.

US Military MRE rations


Genuine US Military Surplus MREs (12 meals per case), available at Amazon, $US69.50

Not the tastiest stuff, but it will keep them going until they can secure some fresh grub.

A variety of quick-drying, easy-to-pack towels


PackTowls, various sizes available at REI, starting at $US7.73

Having lots of towels may be a good idea. Doing dishes, drying off after a shower, wiping off zombie blood, etc.

A pop-up privacy shelter


NEMO Heliopolis Privacy Shelter, available at REI, $US149.95

Privacy itself will likely become a hot commodity, but this little shelter will at least, hopefully, allow everyone to bathe and use the restroom in peace.

A three-way-powered refrigerator


ARB 63-Quart Fridge Freezer, available at Amazon, $US1,320.25

No matter what they’re trying to keep cold (or frozen), they may need this.

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A solar panel and generator kit


Jackery Portable Power Station Generator Kit, available at Amazon, $US799.99

There may not be electricity, and fuel may be hard to come by for a gas- or diesel-powered generator, but here’s hoping the sun still shines.

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A solar-heated, pressurised portable shower system


NEMO Helio Pressure Shower, available at REI, $US99.95

Yes, bathing will still be a thing after the apocalypse. We assure you.

A soup and chilli meal kit


Harmony HouseBackpacking Soup and Chilli Kit, available at REI, $US49.95

A little comfort-food rationing to bide time till things get a little more comfortable won’t hurt.

A long-lasting fire starter


überleben Zünden Fire Starter, available at Amazon, $US16-$US22 (depending on size)

Lighters and matches don’t last forever, and neither do these, but just a few of them should last a good while.

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A survival handbook


“The Complete Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook,” available at Amazon, $US18.40

The definitive guide to any and all apocalyptic and survival scenarios.