CHRISTMAS CHAOS: Here's what you missed

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through BI’s halls,
Not an editor was working, not even Weisenthal.
The whole team was asleep, their stories all written,
With perfect pictures chosen, (like a bear chasing a kitten).

When suddenly a great noise, brought Henry awake,
A foreboding feeling, that he just couldn’t shake.
He picked up his iPad, and loaded the site,
But it would not display, try as he might.

And then other editors, had awoken and seen,
The whole site was missing, there was nothing on their screen.
“Call the developers!” they shouted, “Wake them up now!”
But they were already online, up playing WOW.

“Is it hackers?” “The database?” “Is the queue processing a lot?”
The developers chattered, and warmed up the coffee pot.
Though no test and no log, would yield any clue,
The site was just gone, there was nothing to do.

And they thought of the readers, who they could not forewarn,
Of the terrible sight that would greet them that morn.
They’ll have to read a paper, watch the cable news station,
And have nowhere to comment, or vent their frustration.

But then all of a sudden, to their great surprise,
Who appeared but Santa Claus, with twinkling eyes.
“I have to admit,” he started to say,
“I’ve always been a fan of Chart of the Day.”

Kris Kringle admitted, he needed that site,
To keep track of the naughty, and remember the nice.
Without all those stories, who knows what he’d be missing,
Especially that picture of the two ladies kissing.

With no more delay, he started in on the mess,
First the Tape, then the Hive, then the whole CMS.
And called, not on reindeer, but on sources of news,
Of every topic and story, every company and muse.

“Now Wall Street and Google, Steve Jobs and Tudor Jones,
Sports teams and startups, and cable news drones,
From the biggest scandal, and headline sensation,
To the latest app craze, that’s sweeping the nation,
You all need an outlet, but much more importantly,
You need BI’s wisdom, or at least its commentary!”

And he wiggled his nose, and gave a small wink,
And all the computers froze, and started to blink.
Then down Silicon Alley, there arose a great cheer,
For BI was back, on screens far and near.

And you know what happened, though the tech team was floored,
Traffic was surging, the site was restored!
And Santa still lingered, wrote a guest post or two,
Sat down in front of the camera, for a quick interview.

But soon they all knew, Santa had to be on his way,
And waving good-bye, he took off in his sleigh
He tossed out a list, and called through the snow:
“Merry Christmas to all–now here’s 10 things you need to know!”

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