Christmas At The Apple Store: Very, Very Crowded

We didn’t expect to spend part of our Christmas Day at the 5th Avenue Apple store, but we did — and we weren’t alone. This picture was taken around 1pm Tuesday, but based on the line to get into the store that we saw on our way out, we imagine that this kind of crowd will be there all day.

In retrospect, it’s easy enough to explain this kind of mob scene — Apple’s now-universal cache, the store’s placement atop of Fifth Avenue’s retail corridor, the strong euro/weak dollar (we heard lots of German and English accents) — but we were still surprised. As were the store’s employees: “Who wants to spend their Christmas at an Apple store?” one of them wondered aloud near us. Well, a lot of people. There are lots of rational, considered methodologies for stockpicking, but if you’re not interested in evaluating free cash flow, growth projections, P/E ratios and the like, this is the kind of scene that might convince you to buy AAPL.

By the way, those Apple employees? Awesome. The reason we were at the Apple store on Christmas Day was because we needed to pick up our MacBook, which we had brought in for repairs at 2am Monday morning. Beyond the impetus for our 2am Monday morning visit — a broken trackpad — we found the entire experience to be a delight. As advertised, the Genius bar dudes are smart, helpful, and into their jobs. Thanks, guys. And happy holidays to all.

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