Christine O'Donnell: George Soros Is After Me!

Christine O'Donnell

In certain circles, there is no bigger bogeyman than George Soros. If you listen to Glenn Beck, Soros is behind everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, including WikiLeaks.

So perhaps it should come as no surprise to anyone that Christine O’Donnell, the losing candidate in the race for a senate seat from Delaware, is trying to pin her pending legal troubles on big bad Soros.

As Bill Wolff, guest host of the Rachel Maddow Show, put it last night, “The thuggery she alleges is that Mr. Soros funded a nonpolitical watchdog group whose complaint is reportedly the basis of after criminal investigation into whether she used campaign expenses for personal items like rent. She told a local paper that she had indeed used campaign donations for personal expenses, like rent. But don’t let that little bit of possibly incriminating ambiguity yesterday get in the way of a talking point today.”

And then the show put up a fairly mindblowing montage of O’Donnell’s appearances on five morning talk shows where she alleges that this might go all the way up to the Vice President.

Yes, you read that last part right.

According to Christine O’Donnell, the Vice President of the United States has nothing better to do than to continue to attack someone who lost a senate race by over fifteen percentage points.  Insert ‘witchy’ joke here.

Video below.

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