George Washington's Personal Copy Of The Constitution—Complete With His Handwritten Notes—Is About To Hit The Auction Block

President George Washington

Photo: Wikimedia

If you’re a history buff and have some cash to blow, you might want to attend an auction on June 22 at Christie’s in Rockefeller Plaza.Next Friday, Christie’s will auction off George Washington’s personal copy of the Acts of Congress, including the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights with Washington’s handwritten notes inside, according to the auction house.

Apparently, Washington’s notes in the margins hint at how he approached presidential responsibilities back in the day.

Washington’s Acts of Congress copy was bound by New York bookbinder Thomas Allen. Allen also bound copies for two other famous White House names — former Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson and former Attorney General John Jay.

Sound cool? Expect to shell out between $2 million to $3 million at the auction. Christie’s has previously sold Washington’s personal belongings for steep prices.

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