Billionaire property tycoon Christian Candy accused of threatening to trigger a friend's wife into having a miscarriage

  • Developer Mark Holyoake is fighting a £132 million legal case against Christian Candy and his brother Nick Candy.
  • Holyoake and his wife Emma allege Christian Candy made threats against them.
  • Emma Holyoake claimed Christian Candy threatened to cause her another miscarriage.

LONDON — The British property billionaire Christian Candy waged a campaign of harassment against his former friend Mark Holyoake, including threatening to cause his wife Emma a second miscarriage, a London court heard today.

In a witness statement, Emma Holyoake said Christian Candy had threatened her family with violence after a property deal with her husband turned sour. She said Christian had allegedly vowed to “f*** him up”, in reference to her husband.

Her statement, filed in the high court and seen by Business Insider, said:

“Mark informed me that Christian had repeatedly threatened him saying such things as he would destroy him and his family, he would ‘nuclear bomb his entire world’ and would ‘f*** him up’ in any way possible if he did not do exactly what was asked of him.”

Her statement added:

“[Mark Holyoake] told me that Christian had made various threats, but the one that I remember him telling me about is that Christian would put us under so much pressure as a family that I would have another miscarriage.”

Mark Holyoake is suing the Candy brothers over a £12 million loan issued by them to fund his project with the Grosvenor Gardens apartment block. The loan required payments of 20% interest and 30% of the net profit once the Grosvenor Gardens property was sold. Holyoake claims he was pressured into repaying £32 million and withdrawing from the project, losing an estimated £100 million in profits by selling to the Candys before completion. Holyoake is suing for alleged blackmail, extortion, and intimidation, according to documents filed with the high court and seen by Business Insider.

The Candy brothers are fighting the case, and deny the allegations. They have yet to tell the court their side of the case.

In her statement, Emma Holyoake also claimed a once-warm friendship with Nick Candy’s wife, popstar Holly Valance.

Emma Holyoake claimed Christian Candy and his wife Emily had disapproved of Nick and Holly’s marriage in 2012. Christian allegedly said: “If she sees me coming she better f***ing cross over onto the other side of the road”. Emma Holyoake’s own friendship with Valance turned sour towards the end of 2013, she said.

According to the witness statement:

“To say that there was no love lost between Christian and Holly would he an understatement. I don’t know the origin of that dislike, but Holly and Christian’s wife did not get on of all. In fact Holly told me at a party given by mutual friends in Ibiza in June 2012 […] that Christian had [said] about her: ‘If she sees me coming she better f****** cross over onto the other side of the road’ which Holly took to be a threat.”

Her statement added:

“At the same party, Holly told me that Christian did not approve of her relationship with Nick and later (at the same party, which was a three-day event) told me that Emily, Christian’s wife, had tried to dissuade Nick from marrying her.”

A spokesman for the Candy brothers has not yet responded to Emma Holyoake’s evidence, which is ongoing. Emma Holyoake cried while being cross-examined in court today.

Yesterday Clive Hyman, former interim CEO for the Candy brothers’ interior design company Candy & Candy, told the high court that the pair had “no concept of right and wrong”, according to the Daily Mail. He alleged that the brothers had fired an executive on the spot when he had been diagnosed Multiple Sclerosis.

As reported by the Daily Mail, a spokesman for the Candy brothers said in reference to Hyman’s testimony: “The latest evidence relied upon by Mark Holyoake is false and will be challenged in Court.”

‘The Defendants remain committed to having these matters determined at trial by the Judge.”

The case continues.

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