A new video goes inside the eerie earthquake-ruined Christ Church Cathedral in New Zealand

Photo: Marty Melville/AFP/Getty Images)

The eerie world inside one of Christchurch’s most famous earthquake-ravaged buildings is showcased in new video footage from the Christ Church Cathedral.

As central and local government discuss altering legislation to allow the cathedral to be restored, an anonymous videographer has sneaked inside the wrecked central city building.

Under the name Gardxn City, the videographer posts videos and photos taken inside abandoned buildings and homes around the city on YouTube and Instagram. He and others accompanying him have visited the Anglican cathedral more than once.

His latest cathedral clip is called “Six Years On.” Its only sounds are the flight of the pigeons as he arrives, then his shoes crunching through the deep, dried bird excrement, which covers many surfaces.

Piles of chairs and rubble crowd the nave. Stained glass windows are broken. Trees grow in sunny patches where the roof has gone.

Footage of the gift shop reveals merchandise still on racks, including fundraiser “Canterbury Quake” T-shirts marking the date of the September 2010 quake.

Inside the cafe there are still ice-creams in a chest freezer, drinks in the fridge,and dishes on the bench. Papers litter the floor of an office.

Gardxn City notes on YouTube that he visited the cathedral to document its state before its restoration and did not move, alter or break anything.

Other buildings entered by Gardxn City include the Catholic Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament, McLeans Mansion, the former Inland Revenue building and the former Millennium Hotel.

This article first appeared at Stuff.co.nz. See the original here.

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