Chris Christie Gave A Furious Press Conference, And Even Blasted The Mayor Of Atlantic City

NJ Governor Chris Christie just gave a furious press conference, aimed at people who haven’t fled danger zones, and politicians who didn’t comply with Christie’s calls.

In particular, according to multiple reports, he called out the Mayor of Atlantic City, a place that’s been particularly hard hit.

From ABC:

Gov. Chris Christie chastises Atlantic City Mayor  Lorenzo Langford for advising residents to take shelter rather than evacuate following his order. “We are expecting landfall in the Atlantic City area sometime in the next hour… We are no longer able to rescue people,” said Christie adding that he would not order emergency workers into the city until tomorrow morning. “For those people who ignored my warnings, this is what you have to deal with now,” he said.

According to Twitter user @mattperez83, he said: “For some reason the mayor in Atlantic City advised people to stay put…some in a shelter feet from the bay that is now flooded.”

He warned that anyone who is stranded will probably not get help tonight, and that first responders will not be rescuing anyone until 7 AM tomorrow morning.

Christie also thanked Obama for offering services, and for providing “proactive” leadership.

UPDATE: Later, when speaking with New Jersey residents during a lengthy segment on WKXW, Christie continued to hammer Langford. 

“I feel bad for the people who listened to him,” Christie said to one Bayonne resident who called into the show.

Chris Chrstie

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