Chrissy Teigen's trainer reveals her workout secrets

Simone De La Rue is known for her dance-based workouts that celebrities like Chrissy Teigen and Jeniffer Garner love. We caught up with her at the Body By Simone studio in New York to get some workout advice-from mistakes to avoid, to staying motivated. Following is a transcript of the video:

Simone De La Rue: Hi, I’m Simone De La Rue, creator of Body by Simone.

I decided I wanted to hang up my dancing heels and segue into fitness. I wanted to bring the love of dance and the creativity and the freedom and the joy to as many women as possible.

So, obviously I train a lot of celebrities. Jennifer Garner is one of my favourites that I’ve been with for four years now. Honestly one of the nicest people I have ever met. Probably one of the only women that I will get up at 5 am every morning to go and train her for. Especially when she was training for her film, Peppermint.

Obviously Chrissy Teigen I’ve been with for three or four years. We do more laughing than working out, to be honest. She’s a hilarious person and I like having a giggle with her.

Sticking to a workout plan is tough. Yeah, we always start off strong. We’re out the gate really strong and then we kind of dwindle down when we realise, “oh my goodness this is actually hard work.” My advice is there is no quick fix so yes, it is hard work. So, one thing you can do is keep an exercise journal. You can have a workout buddy to keep you accountable. If you know you have to be there and see that workout buddy at 7 am and not let them down, that’s really gonna help motivate you as well. And I always see that every client choose a goal. Whether that’s the Oscars, whether that’s a red carpet. Whether that’s a movie role. Whatever that goal is for you, set it so then you’ve got something to work towards and that will keep you accountable and that will also keep you motivated.

For me, the driving force is music. That’s what really motivates me and that’s what motivates you in dance ’cause obviously you’re working to a rhythm, to timing, to an eight-count. So crank on some tunes. I always say to a client, pick your playlist. Whatever music you love and that will be different for everybody but whatever motivates you, put those tunes on, ’cause immediately it’s gonna put you in a good mood and it’s gonna motivate you.

Some of the mistakes that people make when working out, is to actually not research how to do the exercise correctly. I’ll often walk into a gym and see people using heavy weights, lifting heavy weights, using machinery that they haven’t done any research for. So I’d always say, if you can, at least get a personal trainer at least once to teach you how to use the machines and teach you and give you a program. Because you need to use correct technique and correct form. You could do the exercise for 100 reps and not use correct technique and form and end up injuring yourself. And you’re not actually gonna see any change in your body.

For me, health and wellness is not just a quick fix. It’s not the latest fad or the latest workout. It is a lifestyle choice and a lifestyle change. It’s not just, “Oh I’ve got to work out. “I’m gonna try and push through for an hour everyday “and then, you know, change my diet immediately.” That’s setting yourself up for failure.

My philosophy is, yes you can have a good time, yes you can have wine every now and then but we wanna balance that with, you know, good eating, good exercise and a good mindset. Meditation and sleep will set you up for a perfect life.

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