Chrissy Teigen made a kid-friendly menu for her picky daughter and parents are loving it

NBC / ContributorChrissy Teigen has two children with John Legend.
  • On Tuesday, Chrissy Teigen shared a menu she made for daughter Luna to help her decide what she wants to eat.
  • Teigen’s menu included several different kid-friendly meal options, as well as prices, photos, and descriptions.
  • Teigen’s fellow parents are tweeting to share how much they love this idea and may try it in their own homes.

Chrissy Teigen has always been open about her experiences as a mum, and this time, it includes dealing with a picky eater.

On Tuesday, Teigen shared the menu she made for daughter Luna, and not only does it have her fans laughing, but it also seems to have struck a chord with parents who have been through the same thing with their own kids.

In the video, which is captioned “Trying to get Luna to eat by being psychotic,” Teigen flipped through the menu she made, filled with meal options that are all kid-approved. The menu is multiple pages long and features photos and prices for each meal.

“I have a problem,” Teigen said in the video.

Included in the menu are options like cheese quesadillas, chicken fingers, crispy fish sticks, grilled cheese, and cereal with bananas. Each photo seems to have been taken by Teigen herself after preparing each meal and arranging it on a kid-sized plate, complete with dividers.

Since Teigen shared her menu, parents are replying to her tweet where she shared the video, talking about how genius her idea is.

But another parent acknowledged that her own menu probably wouldn’t be quite as fancy.

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