Chrissy Teigen says husband John Legend is an 'aggressive cuddler' and that they always sleep naked together

Presley Ann/Getty ImagesChrissy Teigen and John Legend have been married for five years.
  • Chrissy Teigen shared details about her relationship with John Legend.
  • She said they sleep naked.
  • She also said she has to move to the other side of the bed because she gets too hot when they cuddle.
  • Teigen described Legend as an “aggressive cuddler.”

Chrissy Teigen isn’t shy about sharing details of her relationship with husband John Legend.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the 32-year-old cookbook author was asked to share something surprising about her relationship with Legend.

“We sleep naked, but you probably knew that,” Teigen said.

But she added: “Maybe this is what will surprise you. He’s [a] very crazy, aggressive cuddler. Like, wants to hold very hard and I’m the one that’s like, I get very hot. I get very hot. So I’m crawling to the other side of the bed.”

The two often talk publicly about their relationship.

“People see John as this perfect entity and all I want to do is be like, ‘Yeah, but he does this!’ But he really is that fantastic and amazing, and amazing for me because I’m a fireball,” she told ET.

Teigen also isn’t shy about being naked. When she was pregnant with her son, Miles, she posted a photo on Instagram of her making a salad while naked.

“Plz [sic] don’t shame me,” she wrote in the caption. “I am a strong proud salad making woman just being natural and trying to live my life.”


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