FOX News' Chris Wallace Reveals Why They Edited The Epic Jon Stewart Interview

wallace stewart

The Jon StewartChris Wallace dust up took another turn on Thursday morning.

The Fox News host appeared on Don Imus’ radio show, and blasted Stewart for saying Wallace’s team manipulated the edit to make him look bad.

“If he looked bad, it was his fault. … Jon was filibustering, and we went on and on for 24 minutes and we had to cut it down,” he said. “It was still 14 minutes which was longer than we intended.”

Wallace noted that the full interview was available on (go watch!) and editing is a common practice for these types of programs.

Wallace and Imus also talked about the ‘should Stewart stop being a comedian‘ discussion.

“I think he lives in denial about his ambitions because he says, ‘oh, I’m just a comedian.’ I don’t think he is just a comedian, and I don’t think he wants to be just a comedian.”

“Oh, it’s ridiculous,” Imus agreed.

Wallace did say that all’s well that ends well.

“He scored some points. I scored some points. We left on a very friendly basis,” he said, later adding, “I’d love to have him back and I’d love to be on his show. I think both of those things will happen.”

Video (of the radio show) below.

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