Fox News host Chris Wallace to sit down with Trump for post-election interview

Chris wallaceJoe Raedle/Getty ImagesFox News anchor Chris Wallace at the third presidential debate.

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace will sit down with President-elect Donald Trump in an interview set to air on Sunday.

The veteran Fox anchor will ask Trump about upcoming Cabinet appointments, his relationship with the news media, and his agenda for his first 100 days in office, Fox News said in a Wednesday press release announcing the interview.

Sunday’s show will also feature “behind-the-scenes” interviews with top staffers, and footage about Trump’s private plane.

Since his upset with over former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in November, the president-elect has rarely spoken to the media or appeared in public aside from sit-down interviews with the New York times and “60 Minutes,” as well as series of campaign-style rallies thanking supporters.

Though Trump appeared for several minutes for an informal gaggle in the lobby at Trump Tower in Manhattan, the president-elect has not held a press conference in 133 days, breaking precedent. President George W. Bush held a press conference two days after the Supreme Court ruled in his favour following the 2000 election, while President Barack Obama spoke to reporters three days after his 2008 election victory.

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