An NBA Player Plans To Buy $10,000 In Mega Millions Tickets

chris singleton of the washington wizards nba

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Washington Wizards rookie Chris Singleton is thinking about spending $10,000 on lottery tickets.”I’m about to drop 10000 on the lottery and cross my fingers #halfwaytoabillionaireifiwin,” he tweeted Wednesday night.

If he actually goes through with it (how do you even buy $10,000 worth of lottery tickets?), he’ll increase his chances of winning the jackpot from 1 in 176 million to 1 in 17,600.

But he could also win some of the lesser prizes and make some cash.

“Well If I get more than 10000 back then it was a smart investment.. Whatever happens I’m dedicated to making more money,” he explained to a sceptical Twitter follower.

What is he going to do with his $540 million?

“If I get richer, I will change the world for the better #PROMISE,” he tweeted.

It’d be hilarious if he won.

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