Tiger Cub Chris Shumway Opens Up Huge Positions In Citigroup, Priceline, And Gold - And Retires

Chris Shumway, who runs the $9 billion Tiger Cub Shumway Capital made a number of big moves last quarter (including giving up investing).

While John Paulson and Steve Mandel are dumping financials, Shumway bought Citigroup (like Kyle Bass) and made it his second biggest holding (his largest is Apple – a stake he added to).

But Shumway also followed two trends we’re seeing in last quarter’s hedge fund moves by liquidating a small stake in a financial, Wells Fargo, and picking up a big new stake in gold.

Shumway opened stakes in:

  • Citigroup – ~$400 million (~100 million shares)
  • Priceline – ~$360 million (~1 million shares)
  • GLD – ~$270 million (~2 million shares)
  • Target – ~$130 million (~2.5 million shares)

Shumway bought:

  • Apple – ~$350 millionĀ  (~1,300,000 shares)
  • Las Vegas Sands – $230 millionĀ  (~500 million shares)
  • Pfizer – $150 million (800,000 shares)

Shumway sold:

  • Equinix – ~150 million (~2 million shares)

Shumway liquidated:

  • Teva Pharmaceutical – ~$170 million (~3 million shares)
  • Wells Fargo – ~$20 million (~800,000 shares)

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