White Sox star pitcher seems to be taking Adam LaRoche's sudden retirement very hard

36-year-old first basemen Adam LaRoche’s sudden retirement is the bizarre story that’s taken baseball by storm.

On Wednesday, LaRoche retired, leaving $13 million on the table, after White Sox president Kenny Williams asked Adam to stop bringing his son, Drake, around the clubhouse so often. Drake was reportedly a staple of the clubhouse, involved in drills and equipment managing.

It clearly upset Adam, as he retired despite coming to spring training this year. But it also seems to have deeply upset several White Sox players.

The White Sox nearly staged a boycott from their spring training game that day, and star pitcher Chris Sale reportedly went off on Williams for getting involved in locker-room affairs.

Sale still seems to be upset by the whole incident. Speaking to reporters on Friday, Sale said the White Sox players were “bold-faced lied to,” according to USA Today’s Bob Nightengale

“This isn’t us rebelling against rules. This is us rebelling against BS,” Sale continued.

Sale also had the LaRoche jerseys hanging at his locker as tribute.

Several players have spoken on the issue, coming to the defence of LaRoche, who seems like a widely respected player.

However, at a certain point, it feels prudent for White Sox players like Sale to let the issue go. As wrong as it may seem to players for the team president to get involved in clubhouse issues, it was still LaRoche’s decision to retire. Furthermore, LaRoche’s career seemed to be winding down, particularly after he hit just .207 with a .293 OBP last season.

The season has clearly gotten off on the wrong foot for the White Sox, and it seems needless for players to continue to show their outrage over LaRoche’s decision.

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