White Sox player reportedly 'lit up' team president for trying to ban Adam LaRoche's son from the clubhouse

The bizarre story behind Adam LaRoche’s retirement continues to grow.

On Wednesday, the 36-year-old first basemen abruptly retired, leaving $13 million on the table, because the White Sox president Kenny Williams asked him to stop bringing his son around the clubhouse so often.

LaRoche’s son, Drake, had become a fixture in the clubhouse, with his own locker, reportedly taking part in drills and helping handle equipment. Williams reportedly asked Adam to “dial it back” with bringing Drake around the clubhouse so often.

Reports surfaced on Thursday that the White Sox players were angry and nearly boycotted practice and a spring training game before manager Robin Ventura convinced them otherwise.

Later on Thursday, Yahoo’s Jeff Passan elaborated on some of that player anger, reporting that White Sox ace Chris Sale was particularly upset about the whole situation.

Fox Sports’ Ken Rosenthal also weighed in:

Williams told Rosenthal on Wednesday that they did not want to ban Drake completely, they only asked him to bring him around less often. Williams said there aren’t professions in America where employees’ kids are around all the time.

Regardless, it’s an uncomfortable way for the White Sox to begin the season. Clearly, the dynamic between the front office and the clubhouse needs to be addressed, and for the time being, it’s undoubtedly going to be an awkward atmosphere around the team.

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