Uber investor Chris Sacca won't invest in your company if you don't do your dishes

Chris Sacca has invested in companies like Twitter and Uber through his venture capital firm Lowercase Capital. 

But there’s one thing, Sacca says, that would keep him from investing in a company.

In an interview with Bloomberg TV’s Emily Chang, Sacca talked about how he brings founders to his home near Lake Tahoe.

He and his wife make founders dinner and take them hot-tubbing in an attempt to evaluate potential founders for his firm’s portfolio.

He also assesses founders based on whether they clean up after themselves after dinner.

According to Bloomberg, Sacca “would see people who wouldn’t actually get up to put their dishes in the sink, and immediately be like, ‘No way. Like, there’s no way we’re getting in and doing business with them.'”

Sacca also talked about the hot tub at his California home near Lake Tahoe, which he calls the Jam Tub. Sacca told Bloomberg’s Emily Chang that Uber CEO Travis Kalanick used to spend “eight to ten hours” there at a time. “I’ve never seen a human with that kind of staying power in a hot tub,” he said.

Watch the full video below:

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