Chris Rock Was Nearly Maimed By A Foul Ball And Then Gave It To A Kid

Chris Rock was sitting in the front row at Yankee Stadium to watch the Yankees take on the Astros when he suddenly became part of the action, made a horrible play, and then made one young fan very happy.

Rock was sitting behind the third base dugout when a foul ball by the Astros went skyward and came down right where Rock was sitting.

Rock completely whiffed on the catch, making a great face in the process. But luckily for the comedian, the ball landed in his seat.

Rock was still proud of his fastball and showed it off to a thunderous applause from the Yankee Stadium crowd.

That’s when Rock spotted a young fan a few seats over and gave him the souvenir.

Afterwards, Rock had a laugh about his efforts to catch the ball.

He even posed for a photo with the young fan.

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