Chris Pronger Plans To Auction Stolen Stanley Cup Puck On eBay

chris pronger philadelphia flyers nhlChris Pronger

Photo: Flickr/bridgetds

Chris Pronger drew the ire of the Chicago Blackhawks during the 2010 Stanley Cup Finals for stealing game-winning pucks from the ice before exiting during Blackhawks wins.Though the ‘Hawks felt disrespected, Pronger still has the puck from Game Two and has no plans to return it to the team.

Instead, Pronger says that the puck will eventually go up on eBay, and he’ll donate all proceeds to charity. 

It was originally believed that Pronger also had the Game Six puck that clinched Chicago’s championship, but Pronger has refuted that claim.  Harry Caray’s, a Chicago restaurant, had offered $50,000 for that puck.  When Pronger was told of the offer, he indicated that he’d gladly sell the puck to the restaurant and donate the money to charity as well.

Pronger is a notoriously dirty player, but off the ice he seems to have a good heart.

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