CHRIS MATTHEWS: The Majority Of Republicans As Birthers

Matthews Finish

Despite a lot of conservatives publicly voicing their disdain for Donald Trump and the birther movement, Chris Matthews is not convinced, and last night he proclaimed “the Republican party has become the birther party.”

“In their world, the man in the White House, the elected President of the United States, is a usurper, an imposter, an alien from another land who has hijacked Air Force One and owes loyalty to God knows who.”

To back up his claim he cited some polls numbers that show a large majority of Republicans do in fact have doubts about where President Obama was born.

“47% say they know he was born in another country. Another 20% say they don’t know what country he was born in. Grand total, 69%, seven in 10 Republicans today, lack the simple most basic confidence that the President of the United States is a valid, legitimate, true holder of that office.”

Matthews laid the blame for this squarely on the feet of one man: Donald Trump.

“This suggestion about birtherism being a distraction from the central issues of our time has not really caught up with reality. No wonder Trump has said he doesn’t want to talk anymore about birtherism. He’s made his case. He’s helped convert the Republican party into a birther party.”

Video below:

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