CHRIS MATTHEWS: Obama's Speech Sounded Like A FOX News Commercial

Obama Speech

Mixed reactions to President Obama‘s strange national address (2012 political speech?) last night on the debt ceiling.

Chris Matthews thought parts of it sounded ominously familiar:

“The president used a couple of words we’re familiar with: fair and balanced.  It was like a Fox commercial, there.  Fair then balanced, then fair again, then balanced.”

Also biblical:

“I thought he came off like the good mother in the Old Testament story of King Solomon who was willing to give the baby to the other mother rather than have it killed.  Whereas the bad mother, the dishonest mother was willing to kill the baby rather than let the other one have it.”

Are we at the killing babies point now?  I thought they sounded more like two divorced parents feebly attempting to explain to the kids that they’d lost the college fund.

Video below.

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