CHRIS MATTHEWS: Marco Rubio's State Of The Union Response Was 'Primitive'

Chris Matthews

Photo: MSNBC

Reacting to Sen. Marco Rubio’s response to the State of the Union, MSNBC host Chris Matthews called Rubio’s remarks “primitive.””I thought it was tinker toys,” Matthews said. “I thought it was primitive, something you’d hear on a high school debating team.”

Matthews made the argument that Rubio’s speech was inconsistent. He said Rubio came out “against government,” yet said he paraded the role that government-aided student loans played in his life and supported programs like Medicare.

“He said, ‘I went the student-loan route. I benefited from it. I got my education.’ Where was the consistency here?” Matthews said. “I didn’t get it. He was saying he was a product of solid government and positive programs, and then he just trashed the whole thing. And then he played this victim game.”

Here’s the video:
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