CHRIS MATTHEWS: Hillary Is The One Acting Presidential Right Now


With the UN finally voting for a no-fly zone over Libya, it looks like the U.S. is now committed to getting involved in the conflict going on over there.

Talking to Ed Walker, the former Ambassador to Israel and Egypt, and Time Magazine’s national security reporter Mark Thompson, Chris Matthews noted the difference in tone between Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Obama, and seemed much more impressed by Clinton. 

“Well let’s look at Hillary Clinton, Commander in Chief. Didn’t you get the sense there that she was president?Just for a couple of minutes there? I’m not knocking it! Didn’t she look strong? She looks like she knows what she’s doing. She doesn’t want to have Qaddafi there five more minutes. The President is operating a balancing act, which doesn’t have as much stir to it. She seems to know what she’s doing. ‘I’m getting rid of Qaddafi!’ She much more hawkish. At least a couple notches, right?”

In contrast, Matthews called Obama “sanitary.”

“He’s talking like a member of the United Nations observing the resolution.”

Matthews asked Walker if he thought we were “being sucked into” war with Libya, to which he said this:

“If Hillary has her way, yes because she’s not going to put up with a repeat or replay of Rwanda,” referring to the 1994 massacre in Rwanda, in which the U.S. did not intervene and which Bill Clinton later called the biggest failure of his presidency. 

Still, despite the emphasis on Clinton’s role, there was the acknowledgment by Walker that, ultimately, this all falls on the shoulders of the President.

“If there’s a massacre of citizens of Benghazi, the President will never live it down.”

Video below:

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