Chris Lighty—Manager To 50 Cent & Mariah Carey—Dead After Reportedly Shooting Himself

Lighty earned millions for superstars such as 50 Cent and Mariah Carey

[credit provider=”Getty Images / Jemal Countess”]

Chris Lighty, manager to 50 Cent, Mariah Carey, Busta Rhymes, and others, was found dead Thursday in New York.The 44-year-old music producer and founder of Violater Entertainment managament was found “dead from a gunshot wound in his Bronx home,” reports The Wrap. “A firearm was recovered, but the police are still determining whether or not it was self-inflicted”

More information will be available Friday after autopsy information is released.

Lighty was responsible for negotiating 50 Cent’s “lucrative deal with Vitmain Water, which netted both Jackson and Light millions when Coca-Cola bought Vitamin Water parent company Energy,” reports The Wrap.

The rapper has yet to speak out on the loss of his longtime business associate, but commentary is coming in from fellow celebs via Twitter. 

“R.I.P CHRIS LIGHT THE MAN THAT SAVED MY LIFE!!!” tweeted Fat Joe, a fellow New Yorker.

Music journalist and cultural commentator Toure posted, “Chris Lighty, smart and successful record exec, and an undeniably great guy, is dead. Self inflicted gunshot wound. Tragic.” 

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