An NFL Scout Says Chris Johnson Is Struggling Because He Got A $53 Million Contract And Now He's Lazy

chris johnson titans helmet

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A few years after electrifying the NFL, Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson has seen his game fall apart.Last year he averaged just 4.0 yards per carry and barely reached 1000 yards in 16 games. This year, he has gained 21 yards on 19 carries and has yet to find the endzone.

Mike Freeman of CBS Sports asked a scout about Johnson’s struggles, here’s what he had to say:

“Everyone has an opinion on what’s wrong with him. One theory going around football is that he’s injured and is hiding that injury, but I don’t believe that. When I watch him on film, I see a guy who got a lot of money, and just doesn’t care as much as he once did. It’s pretty simple to me.”

Johnson signed a four-year, $53.5 million contract after a lengthy holdout last season.

Not everyone is buying this theory that it’s all Johnson’s fault. Will Brinson, also of CBS Sports, went play-by-play and broke down the coaches tape last week and concluded that the Titans’ terrible blocking was the true culprit. Here’s his conclusion:

“Believe me, I wanted to flip on the tape and come to the realisation that Johnson was loafing. But that’s just not really the case. The guys in front of him either a) can’t block, b) can’t hold their blocks, or c) both of the above.”

The Titans are 0-2 and have been blown out in both games.

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