Chris Jericho Thinks The Rock Needs To Pay Dues

Chris Jericho recently gave his thoughts on the WWE’s WrestleMania 28 plans and the return of The Rock. Jericho isn’t impressed and thinks his former foe should pay more dues before he takes the headlining spot. “He’s playing in the games and not playing in the practices.”

It is really hard to tell with Chris Jericho whether he is truthfully answering a question or having a bit of fun. For example, in the last month alone Jericho told one reporter that he was 90% close to finalising a deal with the WWE and told someone else that he may never go back. So before you go nuts about Jericho’s criticism on The Rock, I will certainly keep that in mind.

Regardless, Jericho is looking at The Rock’s WrestleMania 28 homecoming with cynical eyes. The red carpet being rolled out by the WWE for The Rock isn’t sitting well with the former undisputed world heavyweight champion. Jericho was fairly outspoken about it in a recent interview with The Score.

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