Someone snapped a photo of Chris Hemsworth on the 'Ghostbusters' set that might reveal a plot twist

Many were either confused or tickled with joy when we all found out Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth was going to be in the “Ghostbusters” reboot.

The best part? He’s reportedly playing a secretary.

And new leaked images from Just Jared, by way of Nerdist, are giving us a look of him on set that might hint at something bigger.

He’s in Ghostbusters gear!

Take a look:


But he’s supposed to be a secretary. What does it all mean?

Of course it could mean plenty of different things, but it almost certainly points to a potentially bigger role for Chris Hemsworth than we all had thought. 

As Nerdist smartly points out, if you look close enough you can see the character name Kevin scribbled on the makeshift nametag. In a previous image of the regular Ghostbusters squad, they have much more professionally looking last name etchings on their uniforms:

So this could mean a classic storyline where a previously left in the lurch character gets his chance (or steals his chance) to shine in a plot twist where he helps out the team.

Only time will tell.

‘Ghostbusters’ comes out July 15, 2016.

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