Broncos player who may have caused Cam Newton to storm out of a press conference said Cam has to ‘approach things like a man’

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Cam Newton made waves when he stormed out of his Super Bowl press conference shortly after his Panthers lost to the Broncos.

Initially, it seemed Cam, who’d been giving one-worded or short answers, just got fed up and decided to leave.

However, upon review, it seemed Newton overheard Broncos cornerback Chris Harris describing the Broncos’ game plan, saying, “Load the box, force y’all to throw the ball. Can you throw the football? That was the game plan.”

On Monday, during a pre-taping of “NFL Live,” Harris commented on the situation, saying he understands why Cam was mad, but also said he needs to handle it better (via ESPN’s David Newton):

“I would have been mad, too, if I was Cam. To be able to hear your opponent right behind you talking, nobody wants to hear that. So I think that was a bad setup, but things happen. But you have to deal with it and approach things like a man, and we’ve been in that situation where we lost a Super Bowl and be able to take things as they come. I’m just happy we were on the good side of things this time.”

Panthers players haven’t commented in detail on Cam’s behaviour, mainly saying he was just upset for coming up short.

The consensus here seems to be the same — it’s understandable that Cam was upset and angry, but there were probably better ways to handle that press conference.

Here is the press conference:

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