Broncos cornerback Chris Harris Jr. says Titans tried to ‘end my career’ with a cheap shot that led to a brawl

Chris harris

The Denver Broncos were not pleased with Tennessee Titans receiver Harry Douglas after a 13-10 loss to the Titans on Sunday.

In the second quarter, a brawl broke out between the two teams after Douglas, seemingly unprompted, tried to block cornerback Chris Harris Jr. by diving directly at his knees. Harris left the field right after.

On the next play, Talib went after Douglas, beginning a sizable brawl on the sidelines.

After the game, Harris had some strong words for Douglas. In a since-deleted tweet, Harris said that Douglas was “trying to end my career.” He also said he thought his knee was “gone.”

Talib was a bit more frank in his analysis of the hit.

“It was a dirty play by a sorry player,” Talib said. “He don’t do nothing. He come to the game, don’t catch no passes, he come to the game to chop guys from the back. And he got the same agent as me, so when I see his a– in Atlanta, I’m gonna beat his a–.”

Douglas defended himself after the game, saying, “I’m a tough player. I’m a gritty player. I’m not a dirty player no matter what anybody says”

Here’s Douglas’ block on Harris.

And the ensuing fight.

Though Talib was penalised for unnecessary roughness, it wouldn’t be surprising if Douglas hears from the league over his shot on Harris. Luckily, Harris was not injured on the play.

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