Defending Tour De France Champion Chris Froome Has Dropped Out Of The Race

Froome quits tour de france crashes out sky tdf

The cycling world is stunned right now after seeing the defending Tour de France champion Chris Froome abandon the race.

He quit after suffering several injuries in multiple crashes over the past two days. It was just too much for him to continue racing.

He crashed twice on Wednesday’s stage alone, which was raced in the rain. He was able to get up off the ground and get into his team car.

On Tuesday’s stage 4, he crashed hard and injured his left wrist. He was wearing a wrist brace on Wednesday’s stage 5.

Froome, who was born in Kenya and later became a British citizen, was the main favourite to win the Tour de France again this year. He looked devastated and emotional at having to quit.

Here’s Froome quitting the race and getting into his team car:

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