Chris Dixon Shreds The Kleiner Perkins sFund

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Top angel investor Chris Dixon keeps shredding Kleiner Perkins and its $250 million sFund on Twitter.Here’s the most succinct, sarcastic quip from Dixon on the fund:

“In 2015, I’m launching a fund devoted to game mechanics, location-based services, and daily deals.”

In other words, Chris seems to suggest Kleiner’s dedicated social startup fund is late to the party.

Kleiner is one of the clearest representations of the old guard of venture capital. Dixon is one of the clearest representations of the new guard. His investing model/attitude is threatening the model of Kleiner, and other VCs like Kleiner.

Keep that subtext in mind as you read Dixon’s contemptuous tweets towards Kleiner’s sFund:

  • “VCs who invest in social services need to start using those services themselves.” (tweet)
  • “Social fund would have been forward looking in, say, 2004 (e.g. @fredwilson).” (tweet)
  • “oh i agree there’s a ton more opportunity. i’m just not sure i’d hold a press conference re figuring that out in 2010” (tweet)
  • “I havent seen KP on a startups “go to” list in years and seriously doubt this will change that.” (tweet)
  • “amazon et al aren’t investing in sFund to make money (they might but it will be insignificant to them). they are buying information flow.” (tweet)
  • “you’d have to be a pretty naive entrepreneur to think sFund investment is financially meaningful to, say, amazon” (tweet)

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