Watch Caterina Fake And Chris Dixon Explain Hunch

Chris Dixon and Caterina Fake

Gonzo journalist Kara Swisher swung through New York and stopped by Hunch’s offices to ask Chris Dixon and Caterina Fake, the company’s co-founders, what the heck Hunch is.

If you haven’t used Hunch, it’s like playing 20 questions. The site spits out questions, gets to know you, then delivers recommendations.

Chris says that Hunch users will answer 140 questions on average, which is amazing. (We assume that’s includes all visits a user makes to the site, not on a per-session basis.)

By looking at all sorts of other data about you, much of it not obviously relevant, Chris thinks Hunch can make much more accurate predictions. “We see what we’re doing as radically widening the input set.”

Check out the whole thing:

We recently toured Hunch’s HQ, take a look >

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