CNN host Chris Cuomo to Trump: Being called ‘fake news’ is ‘like an ethnic disparagement’ for journalists

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Chris Cuomo, far right, disputing a falsehood from President Donald Trump’s tweet. Screenshot/CNN

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo said on Thursday being labelled “fake news” was similar to an “ethnic disparagement.”

“It’s like an ethnic disparagement,” Cuomo said. “We all have these ugly words for people, that’s the one for journalists.”

Cuomo made the comments in response to President Donald Trump suggesting, again, that CNN was “fake news.”

“Chris Cuomo, in his interview with Sen. Blumenthal, never asked him about his long-term lie about his brave ‘service’ in Vietnam,” Trump tweeted on Thursday. “FAKE NEWS!”

After showing the tweet on air, Cuomo asked his producers to play the clip of the interview he conducted with Blumenthal where he brought up what Trump alleged he did not.

“The president of the United States is saying that you should not be believed because you misrepresented your military record in the past,” Cuomo said, to which Blumenthal did not directly respond to.

The “New Day” host said it was “really, the first point I made in the interview.”

“Once again, the president is off on the facts,” he continued. “And that’s not something that any of us have any desire to say on a regular basis but it keeps being true.”

Cuomo added that being called “fake news” is “the worst thing you can call a journalist.

“He just said, ‘you never asked him about it.’ I did,” he continued. “He ducked it. And that’s ok. Politicians duck things all the time. The truth of the matter asserted is whether this judge said what Blumenthal says he said. His own comms guy says it. Nobody denies it except the president of the United States. And once again, he doubles down when he’s wrong.”

The “major lie” Trump was referring to came from Blumenthal’s 2010 campaign for Senate, when he had to hold a press conference after he said multiple times that he served “in” the Vietnam War, even though he did not, according to Politico. Blumenthal clarified that what he meant to say was that he served “during” the war, as he was a member of the Marine Corps Reserves for six years during the war, but did not serve overseas.

Trump was given five deferments from the military draft, including one that was a result being diagnosed with bone spurs in his heels.

He never served in the military. 

Watch Cuomo’s comments below:

Chris Cuomo responds to President Donald Trump’s tweet about him: “The President … is once again off on the facts”
— CNN Politics (@CNNPolitics) February 9, 2017

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