'These things matter': CNN anchor scolds Trump spokesman after he won't say flag burning is constitutional

Chris cuomo jason millerCNNCNN anchor Chris Cuomo and Trump communications director Jason Miller.

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo repeatedly pressed President-elect Donald Trump’s communications director over whether Trump knows that flag burning is a constitutionally protected right.

On Tuesday, Trump proposed that flag burning should be illegal, and violators should have their US citizenship stripped, or face a year in jail.

Cuomo noted that the Supreme Court ruled that flag burning is protected under the First Amendment, and asked whether Trump communications director Jason Miller agreed.

“It’s completely ridiculous, and I don’t think there’s a big universe of people out there who support flag burning, and it’s terrible and despicable,” Miller responded.

When Miller attempted to discuss Trump’s recent cabinet nominees, Cuomo continued to press the communications director.

“When the president-elect says something, when the president of the United States says something, you got to listen. When he says something should be illegal that is a protected constitutional right, I’m not saying I like it, but that’s a big part of the First Amendment, a frustrating maddening part, is that you’ve got to respect people’s ability to say things you don’t like to hear,” Cuomo said.

He added: “The president just said burning the flag should be illegal. It is a protected constitutional right, do we agree on that?”

When Miller repeated that flag burning should “absolutely should be illegal,” Cuomo interjected.

“It is constitutional. You do know that. The president knows that, more importantly, the president elect knows that, right?” Cuomo said.

“It should be,” Miller replied.

“I don’t want to run in circles on this, but these things matter, Jason, they really do,” Cuomo said.

The Supreme Court ruled in multiple instances that flag burning is legally protected under the First Amendment, despite efforts by Congress and other administrations to make the practice illegal.

Watch the video below, via CNN:

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