Former Special Forces Soldier Comes Face-To-Face With Arsonist Thieves, Draws His Firearm

via Robeson County Sheriff’s Dept.Arsonist thieves in North Carolina recently stole two custom Harley Davidson motorcycles from an Army Special Forces soldier who had lost his legs in combat.

Then they burnt down his camper.

But not before coming face-to-face with former Green Beret Chris Corbin, and by his telling of the story, his personal firearm.

Corbin — whose rehabilitation received “60 Minutes” coverage — says the whole heist cost him up to $80,000 in property, reports Nancy McCleary of the Fayetteville Observer.

Corbin apparently confronted the two perpetrators as they were on the scene. He reported to investigators that he pulled a gun, they ran away, and when he turned back around his camper was ablaze. 

“When he turns around, the whole back of the camper is on fire,” Robeson County sheriff’s Lt. Brian Duckworth told the observer. “They had started the fire while they were inside the hauler.”

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