Chris Christie's local newspaper says he'll start World War III if he's president

AP476939921030AP/Steven SenneNew Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) campaigns in New Hampshire.

Here’s something you don’t want to see if you’re Gov. Chris Christie.

The editorial board of New Jersey’s most important and largest newspaper, The Star Ledger, is questioning whether Christie will cause World War III if he’s elected president.

Here’s a sample of the editorial:

Gov Chris Christie says that if he were president, he’d be blunt with Russia and Iran.

He told this to a room of more than 150 Iowa Republicans last Thursday. If he decides to run, and wins, he said, the “bluntness and directness, and straightforwardness” he’s known for would steer foreign relations.

This is a scary picture. Can’t you just hear him telling Vladimir Putin to “sit down and shut up”? Calling the Ayatollah “numb nuts?”

The idea that all America really needs is a Jersey guy who tells it like it is — or, some might say, a chest pounder — could very well put us on the brink of nuclear war.

Christie is currently New Jersey’s governor, so this is pretty rough coming from the home crowd.

While other Republicans are formally announcing their entry into the presidential race on a daily basis, Christie hasn’t formally announced anything yet. He’s said he’ll make a decision about running for president sometime in June.

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