Chris Christie downs tequila shots on the 'Late Show' and says he could have been a better president than Trump

CBSFormer New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie took shots of tequila on the ‘Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ Tuesday night.
  • Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie appeared on the “Late Show with Stephen Colbert” Tuesday night to promote his new book, “Let Me Finish.”
  • Throughout the interview, Christie and Colbert took shots of George Clooney’s tequila, Casamigos.
  • Christie said during the interview that he thought he would have made a better president than President Donald Trump, and that Trump “blew it” with the government shutdown.

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie confidently said he would have made a better president than President Donald Trump, after taking multiple shots of tequila during an interview on the “Late Show with Stephen Colbert” Tuesday night.

Christie, who is promoting his new book, “Let Me Finish,” didn’t waste any time getting to drinking. Almost as soon as he sat down, he asked Colbert, “Are we drinking tonight or not?”

Colbert then fished out a bottle of George Clooney’s tequila, Casamigos, from under his desk.

When asked if he minded sipping “liberal” hard alcohol, Christie said, “If it gets me loaded, I don’t care.”

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Chris Christie 2CBSDuring the interview, Christie said he would have made a better president than Trump.

Colbert then jumped into the interview, asking Christie what he thought about the recent government shutdown.

“The president blew it,” Christie said.

“When?” Colbert asked.

“When he shut the government down with no plan on how to reopen it,” Christie answered.

Christie said he visited the White House before the shutdown and told Trump he needed to have an “exit plan” in case the shutdown didn’t turn out in his favour. Since it lasted 35 days, Christie said he doesn’t think Trump took his advice.

When Colbert asked if Christie regretted campaigning for Trump, and helping him get elected, Christie grabbed the bottle of tequila and poured out two more shots.

“I made a decision at the time, that I thought he was going to win the nomination after I dropped out, and that I preferred him to [former Democratic presidential nominee] Hillary Clinton,” Christie said. “And that’s why I made the decision. It wasn’t a whole lot more complicated than that.”

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Later, when Colbert asked whether Christie thought he would have made a better president than Trump, Christie responded with a simple “yes.”

But when Colbert speculated that Christie would be returning to politics again, Christie demurred.

“Listen, you just told me that I’m the most unpopular person in the world, why would I run for office?” Christie asked.

“Politics is strange,” Colbert replied. “You know, people come, people go, and they go, ‘Oh, we like him now,’ and then it happens again.”

“Guess what, tonight – the beginning of the comeback baby, here on the Stephen Colbert show!” Christie said.

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