What's On Chris Christie's Personal Facebook Page?

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) would almost certainly dispute those who would call him a political gangster, but it looks like mobsters are a major part of his entertainment diet. A personal Facebook page that seems to belong to Christie and is connected to multiple members of his immediate family as well as several other political figures lists several of the governor’s favourite things including the “The Godfather” parts I and II.

Of course, Bruce Springsteen is one of the musicians who made the list of Christie’s Facebook “likes:”

Apparently, Christie didn’t enjoy the third film in “The Godfather” trilogy:

The page indicates Christie also enjoys TV mobsters as evidenced by his admiration for HBO’s Garden State gangster series “Boardwalk Empire” and the short-lived Starz short-show “Boss,” which was about a corrupt political kingpin:

The Facebook page almost exclusively shows support for New York and New Jersey area sports teams, but it also displays a fondness for the Dallas Cowboys:

Most of the authors liked on the Facebook page write biographies of historical figures, but it also lists thriller writers Harlan Coben and Daniel Silva:

Other things “liked” on the Facebook page include; a local New Jersey cookie company, a page about Negro League baseball, the New Jersey College Republicans, and two separate “Chris Christie” fan pages:

If the page does indeed belong to Chris Christie, then the governor has not responded to Business Insider’s friend request. A spokesman for the governor declined to comment on the Facebook page Wednesday.

View a more complete picture of the page below.

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