Chris Christie Is Going To War With The New York Times

For the third time in two weeks, the camp of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) attacked The New York Times over its report onclaims made by former top Port Authority official David Wildstein.

Christie’s office sent out a release on Tuesday that highlighted what it said was five “misleading” claims from Kate Zernike, the Times reporter who was the author of the report on a letter sent by Wildstein’s lawyer.

Zernike appeared on “Morning Joe” Tuesday, where she discussed the ongoing controversies involving the Christie administration, including the so-called “Bridgegate” and the investigation into whether the Christie administration used Sandy relief funds to “pressure” Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer.

The Christie administration said that a number of her claims were misleading during the interview. This included:

  • Zernike’s claim that the administration has not released its retainer agreement with attorney Randy Mastro (the administration pointed out that it has);
  • The suggestion that the administration was trying to “threaten people” by attempting to schedule private meetings with Zimmer and others (The administration said that an important part of the fact-gathering process was bringing in an independent third party in Mastro.);
  • Zernike blasting the administration for making the public pay for Mastro’s services (The administration noted that she failed to point out that taxpayer dollars are also funding New Jersey Democrats’ lawyer in the investigation.);
  • The claim that Christie’s operation has “shut down” (The administration said he has kept a “robust” public schedule amid the investigations, and also noted his plans to hold a town hall event on Tuesday.)

This is not the first time Christie’s camp has gone after the Times in the wake of the late January report. One day later, his office sent a memo to friends and allies that attacked both the Times and Wildstein’s character. The next week, it highlighted criticism about the Times’ piece in another memo.

Here’s the full video of Zernike’s appearance on “Morning Joe”:

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