Chris Christie: Get To The Table, Make The Cuts, And Raise The Debt Ceiling

Photo: Meet the Press

Chris Christie spoke on Meet the Press this morning about the debt ceiling and reducing the national debt.When a poll that showed 41% opposed to raising the debt ceiling and 38% in favour of raising it flashed on the screen, the New Jersey Governer (who’s insisting that he’s not running for President) wouldn’t say how he would cut the national decifit.

He said that’s up to the guys in Washington.

However in response to a question about how the issue of the debt ceiling is being dealt with in Washington — where negotioations are pretty much at a stalemate right now as Republicans insist that budget cuts and possibly tax cuts must be tied to an agreement to raise the debt ceiling, and Democrats are hesitant to make spending cuts that they say might stem economic growth — Christie said, “Let’s get to the table and decide” how to cut the budget.

He told David Gregory that leaders in Washington need to “make the determinations” necessary to get to an agreement about the debt ceiling, but if you’re not going to have significant debt reduction, “this country is careening” to a debt crisis.

Asked if he was concerned about the country defaulting on its debt, he said, “If the President and these guys lead, we’re never going to get to the point [where we default on our debt].”

He also commented on President Obama’s decision to release oil from the strategic reserve.

“I’m concerned about that – I think that strategic reserves are for strategic purposes, not for political purposes.”

He said he isn’t sure if it’s a political move, but if it looks like it is, it undermines the positive effects of the release of oil.

On a lighter note, he was wearing a pink tie and when Gregory asked, would you appear on the ticket, possibly as a Vice President? (People have suggested that Christie might run with Jeb Bush.) Christie said, “Whoever would put me as their VP would have to be sedated.”

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