Chris Christie's team fires back epic response after report refers to governor as 'manservant' who fetches Trump McDonald's

Chris Christie’s team fired back Monday at a New Yorker story that painted Christie as “a sort of manservant” to presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

“Governor Chris Christie, of New Jersey, another of Trump’s opponents early in the campaign, has transformed himself into a sort of manservant, who is constantly with Trump at events,” The New Yorker’s Ryan Lizza wrote in an article posted Monday.

Lizza added as an aside, in parentheses: “One Republican told me that a friend of his on the Trump campaign used Snapchat to send him a video of Christie fetching Trump’s McDonald’s order.”

Reached for comment, Brian Murray, a Christie spokesman, called the McDonald’s anecdote a “completely invented scenario.”

“We categorically deny this ridiculous, completely invented scenario, which the writer attributed to an unnamed source’s anonymous friend,” Murray told Business Insider in an email. “The fact the writer relegated this bit of sleaze between parentheses certainly indicates he knew it was trash that had to be separated from the rest of the story.”

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